High Temperature Ceramics

Are you in need of protection from corrosion and erosion of steel parts at elevated temperatures? Matrix Coatings Corp. offers several Cermet (Aluminum Ceramic) coating systems that will protect your parts at temperatures up to 1100°F (593°C).

This class of specialty coatings are utilized in three major application areas. They protect metals from oxidizing due to water (salt water, ice, steam, condensation, etc.), provide protection from high temperature oxidation, and can be utilized as a sacrificial coating. In addition to moisture and high temperatures, Cermet coatings are resistant to hydraulic fluids, fuel, and thermal shock.

Topcoats can be applied that seal the coating and enhance the smoothness. Topcoats will inhibit the rate of sacrificial degradation and will enhance the salt spray resistance (minimum 1000 hours ASTM B-117).

Xylar, Ceral, Alseal, and Cerakote are a few of the brands that we apply.

Matrix Coatings Corp. is experienced in the application of High Temperature Cermet coatings on a multitude of parts in accordance with various specifications. Please Contact Us for more information about our High Temperature Coatings.