Protective Coatings for Food Service Equipment

The right protective coatings on food service equipment make all the difference in the variety of products and the quality of service your team can provide. Protective coatings such as Teflon™ allow for FDA approval, more versatile cooking processes, streamlined preparation and cleaning, and extended equipment life span. The wrong coatings, however, can negatively affect […]

Anodize, Paint, or Powder Coat: What’s the Right Choice?

Choosing an industrial coating requires careful consideration of each option’s unique advantages and disadvantages. Different coatings have different aesthetic finishes, curing and drying times, environmental impacts, levels of durability, and other properties. We will discuss three main types of metal finishes—anodizing, painting, and powder coating—as well as their respective strengths and weaknesses, applications, and other […]

A Brief Intro to Xylan® Coatings

Xylan® is a brand-name fluoropolymer coating line. Xylan coatings were created by the Whitford Worldwide Company, which specialized in the manufacture of low-friction, wear-resistance coatings for industrial applications and non-stick coatings for consumer products. The company was acquired by PPG Industries, Inc. in 2019. Looking to coat your products with Xylan? The experts at Matrix […]

5 Key Industries That Rely on Teflon Coatings

Teflon™ is the trademarked name of a fluoropolymer resin compound created by DuPont (now known as Chemours), an American chemical company, in 1938. The generic name is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Since its discovery, three other similar resin materials have been developed: fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), perfluoroalkoxy (PFA), and ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE). Each of these four compounds […]