Mussel Buster Propeller Protection (MBPP) is an innovative, unique, environmentally friendly coating and very effective way to keep your boat’s propellers in “Ready to Run” condition. This “Keeps you in your boat instead of under it!” which is the goal of every boat owner. Over 14 years of testing shows MBPP provides lower engine loads, higher prop/engine RPM, higher cruising speeds, light to no maintenance, cathodic protection and better fuel economy.

Mussel Buster Propeller Protection can be applied to propellers, rudders, trim tabs, suction screens, scoops and metallic bow thruster props. MBPP has proven to reduce the load on your engines because the finish is so smooth it reduces the frictional resistance of propellers through the water. In December 2005, Power & Motor Yacht Magazine confirmed it by writing an article chronicling a summer long test on a 41’ Luhrs convertible. During this head to head comparison of two propellers, both polished and then one coated with MBPP, they experienced five to seven percent less engine load on the engine with the MBPP coated propeller. This was confirmed by the Cummins electronic load readouts.

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Benefits of Mussel Buster Propeller Protection:

  • “Saves you money, because the wheels are always clean” -Tom Uer, 65’ Hatteras, “Jade,” Palm Beach, Florida
  • Reduces frictional resistance of the propeller through the water by approximately five to seven percent” -Power & Motor Yacht Magazine, December, 2005 “PMY Tries Mussel Buster”*
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Environmentally friendly and EPA aquatic toxicity compliant
  • Significantly reduces cleaning time
  • Reduces engine loads, increases shaft RPM
  • Eliminates electrolysis erosion from props and rudders
  • Reduces general boat electrolysis by encapsulating major metal surfaces exposed to seawater
  • Makes cleaning bow thrusters a snap

Mussel Buster Propeller Protection Care & Maintenance

The best way to keep a propeller coated with Mussel Buster Propeller Protection (MBPP) in “Get in the boat and go condition” is a combination of a little monthly routine maintenance and running the boat. This keeps the surface polished and keeps the active ingredients on the surface, where they can do their job.

If you are unable to run the boat at least once a month, someone needs to go under the boat and use a Scotchbrite® pad, nylon dish scrubber or brush to remove the algae/slime film from the propeller(s). This accomplishes two things. First, it removes any loosely adhered barnacles, tube corals, mussels and the algae layer between the organisms and the propeller, which is how barnacles, tube corals or mussels get started in the first place. Second, it manually abrades/scuffs the surface slightly, so that fresh components in the coating are brought to the surface, in order to continue protecting your propeller(s).

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The term cavitation implies to cavities, holes and bubbles, so cavitation is really about the formation of bubbles and their collapse. Bubbles form whenever liquid boils, and boiling points have a direct relationship to pressure. Depending on which side of the propeller we are talking about, the pressure can be higher or lower. Cavitation bubbles can form on either the low-pressure side (suction side) or the high-pressure side (discharge side). These bubbles can form on the suction side as low as 180°F to as high as 300°F on the discharge side. These bubbles can have varying degrees of effects, such as: reduction in thrust, noise that can be heard when the propellers are spinning at high rpm and damage that can be seen on the propellers after even short amounts of run time. The reason Mussel Buster Propeller Protection experiences this cavitation burn through is the formation of these cavitation bubbles and temperatures approaching, and possibly exceeding, 300° Fahrenheit.

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  • I think the product is an excellent, excellent way to deal with the elements in salt water. Thank you very much.

    Joe Garris
  • sure does make cleaning it off a lot easier...Put me on your list of satisfied customers.

    Tom Mackey
  • I have been using Mussel Buster treatment for at least three years and I am extremely satisfied with it.

    Bob Savard
  • I recommend this treatment to anyone for their props. I wish I could do my whole running gear with this treatment because it really does work.

  • I had it done three years ago on my Carver Motor-yacht, it's awesome... Thank God we found you.

    Ron Delaruso
  • ...its been just a little over a year and the Mussel Buster product has just been fabulous, it’s worked really well. I am really impressed.

    Captain Mitch Armstrong on the “Lady Deanne”
  • I hauled my boat from the water and found the props and the nuts in DAY 1 condition.

    Joe Schlegel
  • If I had it to do over again, or, I were building a boat, I would put "Mussel Buster" on every piece of metal in the water

    E & H Boat Works, Inc. - Established 1946
  • After 12 months the coating was still intact and what little growth builds up comes off during use... Congratulations. I'm a believer.

    Peter T Armann - "Beast of Burden"
  • Your coating after 6 months on my 31 Rampage, and close to 1000 miles, looks like the day it was installed.

    Carl Ring - Liquid Rocket Engines
  • I have seen my boat’s speed increase 1 knot and my fuel bill decrease. Finally, an anti-fouling coating that works!

    Bruce Melnick - Boeing Space Coast Operations
  • Simply amazing, since we started using the Mussel Buster product, we literally have not had to clean our propellers. I would recommend this product to anyone.

    Captain Tom Uer
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Mussel Buster Price Sheet 2024 (Manufacturer Suggested Pricing)

Size of Prop
Additional Items
 Up to 20   $225.00   $254.00   $307.00       Bow Thrusters   $155/each
 21" - 25"   $296.00   $359.00   $439.00   $527.00    Nuts   Free with prop
  26" - 30"   $370.00   $470.00  $577.00  $624.00     Large Sea Strainer   $470/each
  31" - 35"  $456.00  $615.00  $675.00  $752.00     Small Rounds   $25/each
  36" - 40"  $573.00  $793.00  $879.00  $990.00  $1,095.00  Rudders   $52.50/ft²
 41" - 50"    $995.00  $1,076.00  $1,233.00  $1,285.00  Scoops   $52.50/ft²
  51" - 60"    $1,146.00  $1,281.00  $1,494.00  $1,735.00  Trim Tabs/Screens   $52.50/ft²
             Misc   Call for Price

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