Joe Garris

“Hi, my name is Joe Garris. I am a Florida resident of 40 years, boater for 30 and Coast Guard for 4. I ran small boats in the Coast Guard. I’m just here to tell you that the product I’m using now is the Mussel Buster product. It’s something I’ve used on my past boat which I had for 2 ½ years before I sold the boat and I’ve just purchased the Viking and I’m bringing in another set of props. The reason being is because for 2 ½ years I had absolutely no problem with barnacles or worms or anything on my props. I’m a 25 knot cruiser. A lot of Island time. It sits in my backyard, just a little plus for the running gear. I don’t have to worry about speed, and getting under the boat to make sure I can get my RPM’s doesn’t seem to be a problem and I haven’t had a problem. I’m back again to do a new set of props for a new boat and I just wanted to say that I think the product is an excellent, excellent way to deal with the elements in salt water. Thank you very much.”

Tom Mackey
“Just a short note to say how satisfied I have been with the application of Mussel Buster on my Nordhaven 46. As you can see from the attached pictures, I put it on my main prop, the wing engine prop and the bow thruster props. I have had it on there for over two years and although it does not eliminate marine growth, it sure does make cleaning it off a lot easier. If you hit the props with a plastic scouring pad (scotch bright or equivalent) about every 45 to 60 days during the high growth months, the gear is relatively easy to keep clean.

Put me on your list of satisfied customers. I’ll be in on Friday to drop off the propellers from my new bow thruster. I also need a re-coat on my main prop.”


Bob Savard

“I am a North Palm Beach resident and owner of a 45 Viking. I have been using Mussel Buster treatment for at least three years and I am extremely satisfied with it. I have had them re-coated twice and now they seem to be lasting a year and a half to two years. I am about to do it again because I don’t think there is anything else like it on the market and a lot of my friends are using it and they are extremely satisfied. I have not heard anything negative about the product whatsoever. Thank you.”


“I have a 31 foot Tiara. I had the props treated with Mussel Buster treatment about 3 years ago, they’re still doing good and in fact might go a fourth year. I keep the boat part-time in the Bahamas and part-time in West Palm Beach. Naturally here in West Palm Beach they tend to get a little more growth than in the Bahamas. Over here they just don’t get any barnacles on them at all and in the Bahamas it’s even better. I recommend this treatment to anyone for their props. I wish I could do my whole running gear with this treatment because it really does work.”

Ron Delaruso

“I have a Carver 360. I searched frantically to find a company that did this. I had it done three years ago on my Carver Motor-yacht, it’s awesome. I had to have the boat pulled and couldn’t find anyone in my area to do it, not even a dealership. I am so glad I found you here. I am definitely going to send you down my wheel that I had to have re-pitched. You have a great product and I am glad I found you. I really appreciate all of your help and consideration to pleasing us and having the wheel done for us. Thank God we found you.”

Captain Mitch Armstrong on the “Lady Deanne”

“Hello my name is Captain Mitch Armstrong, I’m a 1600 ton Yacht Master. I currently run a 90 ft. Hargrave motor yacht called “Lady Deanne”. We have 42 inch, 5 blade props.  I was introduced a year ago to Jack at Mussel Buster to consider putting his product on my props and we did that a little over a year ago. It had fantastic results and I am really pleased with the product. We are based at Australian Docks in Palm Beach, which is famous for barnacle growth, very fast growing barnacles and we have had wonderful results with the Mussel Buster. Every place that I have gone where we have been out of the water for sea trials and various things I have had people comment on the props and what’s on there and that they were so impressed with it. We have a diver service that comes once a month and we just pulled the boat again, the boat has been hauled for our annual haul out, its been just a little over a year and the Mussel Buster product has just been fabulous, it’s worked really well. I am really impressed. I probably wouldn’t even have had to touch it again after over a year, there’s still plenty of product left and the only reason were re-doing them with Mussel Buster is that I’m sweeping my props for high performance. But the product lasts, and I am very, very impressed with it and the growth just comes right off so I really highly recommend this product. Jack at Mussel Buster has done a great job for us and we would be happy to talk to anybody in the future about this product and what it’s done for us. It’s really been great. It’s improved our speed. When it was first applied for the first 6 months or so we had much better performance with the wheels, we had a real slickness as far as the gears, as far as shifting in and out, it was very smooth. We even increased our speed slightly, and this is on a 90 ft. yacht. So I would be more than happy to talk to anybody about this in the future and it’s really been a great, great investment for us so Thank you very much.”

Joe Schlegel

“I am well versed in bottom and running gear coatings from use experience as a boat owner.  My boat, Blue jjj’s is an older, well maintained, 46′ Ocean Sportfish.  In September 2003, I purchased a competitor’s prop coating called Barnacle Blaster.  It began to lose anti-fouling performance after just 2 months.  I found Mussel Buster on the internet.  I researched the product and decided to use it on my 24 x 25 3 blade Nibral props.  As a test, I also had the double prop nuts done as well.  After being back in the water in Palm Beach County for 6 months, I hauled my boat from the water and found the props and the nuts in DAY 1 condition.  A gloved hand or sponge wipes any minor film right off the props.  The attached picture show props (at haul out) after 6 months in the water.  So far I’d say, AMAZING!”

E & H Boat Works, Inc. - Established 1946
“Captain Thomas Pledger, Jr., on the Sport Fishing Yacht, “Watashee” in Jupiter, FL installed the “Mussel Buster” coating 5 months ago and 150 hours. Here’s his opinion:”

“If I had it to do over again, or, I were building a boat, I would put “Mussel Buster” on every piece of metal in the water”.


Peter T Armann - "Beast of Burden"

“Back in July 2003 I had my props coated with your Mussel Buster System. I’m writing to inform you that after 1 year in an extremely heavy growth area of the intracoastal between Donald Ross and PGA Blvd., my props are still not fowled. My boat is a gas powered 36′ Searay that sits for long periods between use. After 12 months the coating was still intact and what little growth builds up comes off during use. Having used standard running gear anti-fouling paints for years that failed well before the bottom paints. I was needless to say impressed. With the new bottom paints offering Multi-Season life it’s great to see a coating for running gear that offers similar results. Congratulations. I’m a believer.”

Carl Ring - Product Engineer, Pratt & Whitney (Ret.)

“Since 1982 I have tried paint systems like Petit’s and International’s underwater gear paint and none have stayed on the props for any extended time. Your coating after 6 months on my 31 Rampage, and close to 1000 miles, looks like the day it was installed. My fuel economy increased, as did my shaft RPM. One other advantage I found with having props coated is that my shaft zincs are still good, where previously I would have had to replace them by now. I think you have an excellent product, that to my knowledge has no equal, and that is based on my 50+ years of boating.”


Bruce Melnick - Boeing Space Coast Operations

“Since I began using this product a year ago, I have seen my boat’s speed increase 1 knot and my fuel bill decrease. Numerous times I took the boat out to clear water, looked at the props, and to my amazement, there was nothing of any significance on them. This coating is truly “self-cleaning.” I have been a boat owner for 20 years and I have never seen a coating that performs anywhere near Mussel Buster’s level. Finally, an anti-fouling coating that works!”

Captain Tom Uer

“Simply amazing, since we started using the Mussel Buster product, we literally have not had to clean our propellers. I would recommend this product to anyone.”

Capt. Van

“Narcosis dive charter, Pro 48. We’ve been using the Mussel Buster Propeller Protection for 3 years.”